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Reverse Mortgage Selling

In 2005 Gary focused his selling methods on Reverse Mortgage sales. He sold more loans in his first 2 months than anyone had ever done in the 16 year history of the nations largest and oldest reverse mortgage company. He was the #1 seller nationwide breaking all the company's long standing sales records.

Gary's highly successful selling methods have continued to be used by national reverse mortgage companies with outstanding results.

In addition, Gary offers sales, marketing and training services to individuals that desire to have their own
tremendous success in the reverse mortgage marketplace.


* Do you want an annual Six Figure Income from reverse mortgage sales?

* Do you want an unending supply of highly interested prospects that contact you?

* Do you want to learn the exact ways to advertise that will get tons of responses?

* Do you want to lower your advertising costs while increasing your response rates?

* Do you want to easily and quickly pre-qualify prospects by phone?

* Do you want to capture the 75% of prospects that you are now missing?

* Do you want to get more appointments than you dreamed possible?

* Do you want to make effective presentations that result in more applications?

* Do you want to close many more loans each and every month year round?

* Do you want to work just 5 days a week and enjoy a normal life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are at the right place to get the success you desire. Start by ordering my Fast Track Selling Report and Free book.

Many of the answers to your selling needs are in these publications. Read them first, then if
you desire even more selling success contact me for personal coaching and training.




"Gain Market Share, Show Seniors You Care"


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